Promote Hair Growth

Eliminate Dry Scalp & Dandruff

Improve Hair’s Natural Luster


Heritage Barbershop is now offering a deep cleansing Scalp Exfoliation Therapy to promote healthy growing hair, eliminate dandruff and moisturize dry scalp. Combining scalp massage with products made from herbs and botanicals, the treatment is like a facial for your scalp, dislodging hardened sebum from hair follicles and stimulating growth.

Sebum is an oily secretion of sebaceous glands surrounding hair follicles that can harden and clog follicles, inhibiting healthy growth. Dandruff is caused by these hardened oils collecting and flaking when the scalp is not stimulated by regular brushing. Once the hair follicle openings on the scalp’s surface are clean and clear, oxygen can travel to your hair roots. This stimulates growth and the release of your natural hair oils to coat your hair shaft, adding luster.

BEFORE  clogged hair follicle

clogged hair follicle

AFTER  unclogged hair follicle

unclogged hair follicle

If you’re experiencing hair loss, our Scalp Exfoliation Therapy can reawaken dormant hair follicles, potentially regrowing lost hair and maintaining your current hairline.

For best results, it is recommended to get your first four treatments within one month and adopt an ongoing regimen of home care. With clear hair follicles and regular brushing, blood flow is stimulated, and optimal scalp wellness and vibrant hair can be achieved.


Our Scalp Exfoliation Therapy is performed by barber Allen Eager. He was specially trained by the late Benedict Palmeri, scalp therapy expert and creator of Hawaii's Rain Products.

The Scalp Exfoliation Therapy experience consists of:

  • Stimulating scalp massage

  • Applied herbal tonics

  • Exfoliating brushing

  • Deep cleansing washing and styling

  • Before-and-after microscopic viewings of follicular sebum removal so you can see the results for yourself

30 minutes – $30
(Available at Burnside and Cully shops)

60 minutes – from $60* / $75 with haircut
(Available at Cully shop only)

* Final price based on condition of hair & scalp. Home care products sold separately.

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Home Care products include: